The internet is both the best and the worst place on earth. But these links are too good not be shared. 



In my quest for self-discipline, I discovered Extraordinary Routines, an interview project focusing on the daily routines of creative people. 
There is something fascinating about peeking into someone’s daily habits, see how they live their lives. Especially the ones of people you wish you could meet. These routines are uplifting combining the successes and hardships of creative life. 
Above all, crafting a personal routine is about setting the right mood and focus for yourself, not just filling up every single hour of the day with things to do work-related or not.
Creating a routine is tough, but by having both a strict routine and being flexible with these rules has made my process a little less harrowing. This means I won’t be waking up at 5am everyday but still have a dedicated time period for what needs to be done. And I’ll go out for a walk if I feel like it.



Finally a coming of age film about girls. What I’ve been waiting for my whole life. 

‘Gerwig wrote “Lady Bird” partly as a response to films about boys growing up. At the New York Film Festival, she asked the crowd: “What is ‘Boyhood,’ but for a girl? What is ‘The 400 Blows,’ but for a girl? What is personhood for young women?” In most films, girls exist to be looked at. Sometimes they help a male protagonist come to a realization about himself. Sometimes they die. Gerwig makes Lady Bird the one who looks: at boys but also houses, magazines, books, clothes and at the city of Sacramento.’




This youtube channel might be the one reigniting my love for filmmaking. Their videos feel so incredibly personal as if you were already part of their lives, catching up on what they’ve been up to. Every single video feels like an experiment, something they wanted to try out and it might make you want to try it yourself. There is something daring in experimenting and trying to make things work. Something I wish I could do more often. Most definitely a great source of inspiration in the past week.